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Fannum Desktop Cooler Comfort is Redefined for Compact Places

Fannum Desktop Aircooler - Aditi Applied Innovations Pvt Ltd

FANNUM Desktop Aircooler is an innovation from Pune based Aditi Applied Innovations Pvt Ltd. which brings great relief to individuals who work in very compact place like study table or cubicle or in a hot place like kitchen. This Design, Developed & Made in India product has been widely accepted and recognized.

FANNUM Desktop Personal Air Cooler is a cold evaporative air cooler specially designed keeping in mind the hygiene concerns that arise from the similar other products in the market where in the user cannot maintain the hygiene of the cooling media and the water tank. Water tanks mostly can be drained but cannot be cleaned. Fannum allows cleaning the cooling filter and the water tank both. This is not a cooler like existing evaporative air coolers in the market but it is executed in a very unique way to offer a world class comfort experience all-round the year and that too not adding up to high electricity bills.

Evaporative coolers are useful and cost efficient options for comfort in hot & dry regions of the country. Some of the concerns arising from every household are providing comforts to:

1. Our kids while studying in hot scorching sunny day.

2. Our better half or mother sweating in the kitchen during their household chores.

3. Our old age parents who complain about the joint pains due to blast of the cold moist air from the cooler or child dry air from the AC.

4. Most of us working in the office in absence of AC, where it is difficult to work with the noisy environment of the existing air coolers.

5. Most of us sitting on the counters of our shop or restaurant.

FANNUM address the gap and concerns for all of the above situations and the applications through its gentle existence. The air that is delivered by FANNUM is diffused and is gentle. It provides a very pleasant environment all-round the year. With convenience of use, placement, maintaining hygiene, FANNUM is the best companion to have.

FANNUM has overall size as compatible as 311 x 303 x 170mm which is very compact and elegant in design as well, that can be accommodated in a small desk space.The hot or dry air consumed by and from the room enters through the inlet grill at the back side. Air flows over the fan and then passes through the cooling media. Cooling media is a specially treated fabric which has enhanced water absorbing capacity and is extremely porous in nature. It absorbs the water from the tray and the same water gets evaporated when the air passes through the cooling media. While evaporating the water, the air gets cooled naturally.

There is no pump used in FANNUM and hence most of the maintenance needs are taken care by eliminating the pump. Cooling media rotates and it pick-ups the moisture from the water tray. Water consumption is optimized and is self-adjustable as per the need of the environment within the room. If the air in the room is dry, it will absorb more moisture and also will get cooled better and vice versa. Since there are no excess water droplets that are thrown out into the air, there is also no risk of bacteria from the water being thrown out into the air. Cooling media is treated to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria and to provide healthy air. In winter, FANNUM helps to increase the moisture in the room which prevents precious skin getting dry and getting cracked.  

Fannum air cooler has a very broad and acceptable design and is soothing for the care taking of individuals where other techniques or path cease to reach. MachineMaker is pleased to showcase this Made in India innovation.  


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