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Helmet that Keeps the Heat at Bay

Jarsh - Helmet

Workers are the backbone of any industry. Yet workers' safety and comfort have hardly been given due importance since industrialization. But a safe and work friendly environment could actually ensure improved productivity.

Jarsh Innovations, a manufacturing startup company, has come up with an innovative air-conditioned helmet that provides safety and comfort to the workers at the shop floor, even in the harsh and hazardous industrial environment. Air-conditioned helmets are one of the innovative solutions offered by the startup which is driven by its goal of bringing out innovative technological solutions for bettering the lives of the common man.
Since the Industrial Revolution that started in 1760’s, industries across the world have invested a considerable amount of time, money and energy on ramping up the production and adoption of the new technological breakthrough to boost the productivity and thereby increase their profit. But hardly any of those industries ever bothered to care about the safety of the workers. The negligence is more acute especially in developing countries like India and China. This is where Jarsh Innovations Private Limited comes into the picture.
JARSH is a leading technology start-up which was named after Jarvis from Iron Man and it means “Just a Rather Safe Helmet”. The firm was established with a mission to improve productivity at the workplace by providing safe and comfortable head gears and a vision to evaluate, develop and effectively deploy technologies with a goal to uplift the bottom of the society pyramid i.e. the common man; the workers.

It all started as a discussion on how to improve the lives of workers in harsh factory environments where the heat becomes unbearable and productivity declines, not to mention the behavioural issues at shop floor. From the conceptual stage, Jarsh was always focused on two things – Safety & Productivity. The firm has transformed the way safety gears work. The company specializes in miniature cooling system and has designed helmets that are comfortable to use and helps to stay safe in any type of industrial environment.

Using miniaturised cooling systems, Jarsh has developed an air-conditioned helmet that actually cools the air before supplying it to the user. This one of its kind helmet uses Proprietary Cooling Technology which is based on Peltier Effect to cool the air before it reaches the user. This type of cooling is called Thermoelectric cooling and it does not require any refrigerant, making the system safe and environment- friendly.

Thermoelectric coolers operate by the Peltier effect. The device has two sides, and when a DC electric current flows through the device, it brings heat from one side to the other, so that one side gets cooler while the other gets hotter. The “hot” side is attached to a heat sink so that it remains at ambient temperature, while the cool side goes below room temperature. The Proprietary Cooling System is an indigenously developed enhanced form of thermoelectric cooling and is patented. The air-conditioned helmet was developed with 18 months of intense R&D utilizing state of the art CFD tools. Jarsh has a team of experienced designers and engineers who are equipped with high-end computers and 3D printers to bring life to designs and print prototypes.

The start-up is also engaged in new product development, apart from the air-conditioned helmet. This includes products to improve the lives of farmers in crop protection segment, in line with which Jarsh has developed a device that prevents crop damage caused by animal intrusion by scaring away animals. The firm also believes in developing green and clean energy technology. All the products and technology developed go through an internal development cycle - Idea, Technology Development, Prototype Development, Industry Trial, Product Refinement, Pilot Deployment and Commercial Sales - before they actually hit the market.
Jarsh’s manufacturing facility, located in Hyderabad, Telangana, is spread across 4000 Sq. Ft. and is overwhelmed by the orders received so far. The production capacity of the plant is totally stretched to meet the Indian industry requirement and, at the current stage, is working hard to satisfy the Indian requirement. The start up plans to first fully realize the potential in the Indian market before catering to international customers. This innovation-driven firm is gearing up to do their part in giving wings to the Honourable Prime Minister's ‘Make in India’ initiative and turn India into a global manufacturing hub.

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