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Kalashnikov goes Indian with 'Make in India'


Regarded as the World’s favorite assault rifle, Kalashnikov is all set to make its manufacturing debut in India. The rifle would now be produced and manufactured in the Indian land of Amethi. The central government of India has approved a proposal to manufacture 7.5 lakh Kalashnikov rifles to be built by Ordnance Factory Board in a joint venture with a Russian firm.

It has been received that the intergovernmental agreement to manufacture the 7.62x39 mm calibre AK-203 guns (the derivative of successful AK-47) has already been signed. The manufacturing plant for the Kalashnikov rifles is expected to be set up at Korwa, Amethi. It has been decided that the serving Major General of the Army would be heading the factory for effective execution of AK-203 rifle project whose budget is approximated to be ₹12,000 crore.

The project is expected to be inaugurated by Mr. Narendra Modi on the 28th of February 2019 at Korwa.

Under the initiative taken by the honourable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, to promote the Indian Manufacturers and manufacturing machines, Kalashnikov will be another asset to India’s proud productivity. It is believed that this deal of making in India will help the country provide modern weapons to its army’s infantry division guarding the country’s borders.

Earlier, India had also signed a ₹647 crore contract to buy 72,400 assault rifles from US company Sig Sauer. Out of these 72,400 assault rifles, the Indian Army would get 66,400, Indian Air Force 4,000 and Indian navy would be provided 2,000 guns. 

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