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I am Super

MANOJ MANTRA,  Manufacturing Excellence

It is often found that we are not first time successful in majority of tasks at hand. Obviously, we would have some frustration or dejection en-route, that diminishes our concentration and commitment to the task, further reducing the chance of success. In such situations, if only we could pep ourselves up, by a little re-assurance, it goes a long way in re-kindling our hopes on the possibility of success. The easiest way is to do it ourselves (without the need of anybody other than us), by patting on our back and say to ourselves : I am super. This shortassertion is good enough to give a ray of hope, and take us away from the frustration path.

Akin to the similarity in a herd of sheep, often thoughts also surround themselves with similar ones, hence once a negative thought peeps in our mind, it is very difficult to bring positivity. ‘I am super’ is a good form of tonic to drive the negativity away from one’s mind, and channelize it towards our goal. It could also be repeated at a specified frequency in our mind, to re-affirm this belief.  In addition to the quality and quantity of efforts that we put in, the presence of conviction is a large reason for success of any activity or project. The emotional connect is very powerful in contributing to passion into the task, and enables a wonderful synergy, to accomplish harmony in it. Whether it is a one-man work or a large team deployed at work, it is very important to ensure that self-motivation is not missed out. If it is at its peak, it would only be of assistance than a deterrent.

Having an environment of motivation, whereby minor mistakes would be pardoned and smaller success being rewarded, is the key. This is very contagious, and often spreads across the group or the organization, once it is initiated. They say, such behavior rubs over each other, and allows it to multiply amongst the observers and followers. It needs to come from the leader and penetrate across the organization. Regular checks would certainly help for its verification.

The ecstatic win as a result of this approach is both memorable and repeatable. However, it is not a one-time activity – sustenance is vital. Success begets success. One gets used to be successful, and it becomes a habit. This needs to be nurtured by gaining wisdom and expertise, so that one gets himself better prepared for future challenges. No doubt, that once accustomed to success, failure pricks stronger, however, it could be a good watchdog against complacency. Fear of failure needs to be kept at bay, while ensuring that sufficient motivation is retained in the event a failure comes in, to let it not drag you down. Gradually, an environment can be created, where everyone is longing for success, just as in an IIT campus. The flavor should be in the air, and then everyone will breathe it alike – the talk, the walk will all be aligned and congruent. Each one will say, I am super.

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    Excellent article Manoj very inspiring .

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    Laxmikant Bhakre

    Very nice article Manoj. Remaining positive in every moment and specially diring non favorable situations is very very important. This definitely needs some or the other tools like " I am super " as you rightly said. I use " I am peaceful, blissful and powerful " and trying to use it consistently irrespective of the situations. I got to know about this mantra from Spiritual Guru and it really helps a lot. .

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    Rajesh Angadi

    Nice one Manoj! .