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Inspiration from being an inspiration


I have been posting the feedback of my daily walk or cycling score from my Endomondo app to a few of my friends and family members as a routine. In return, I do get their scores as well, which energizes me. A few of them, when they meet in person, do express their inability with a bit of grief. However, I send the score to them, inspite of this inability, only with a faith that they would someday also take motivation from my score and develop a consistent walking routine. This would certainly be a great help for their own health. The act of benchmarking often grants favourable results. After all, they say, where there is a will, there is a way. 

When I sat one of the days and pondered over this act of ‘being an inspiration’, I realised that this also made me happy about it and constantly gave me an inspiration as well. I then thought of extending this to other areas of my daily routine and also thought of sharing this experience with my other colleagues. The best part of this act is that it keeps negativity at bay, and enables a bundle of positive energy owing to the mere thought of inspiring others – it is indeed very powerful. Earlier, I was doing this unknowingly without a focused intent, but later, I realised it that if this could be done with a clear objective of inspiring others, it would  have a qualitative impact. This will in turn result into achievements spreading cheer and happiness around us. It would also enable progress and enhancement, in some cases problem solving, leading to a better environment. Collaborative learning, networking are all the facets of today’s connected and digital world. It has a great synergy as well as an opportunity to offer, provided we are open to utilise it. The knowledge capital of the young generation across the community is very high when compared to the yester years, and this is a great asset for the manufacturing world. Collective wisdom is easily harnessed in today’s world, and becomes the foundation stone of larger achievements. The startup culture that has grown over the past few years, is the best example of this way of sharing wisdom and mentoring.

For being an inspiration, we need to first enhance our own way of working or knowledge base. We need to possess a hunger to learn and improve. The next step would be to look around and identify areas/ people that may need this wisdom, and later share it. At times, we could also continue to be in contact and oversee the progress, to verify the impact and need of a subsequent intervention. The joy and satisfaction that this kind of act gives to the person who is sharing is immense, in addition to the gratitude (s)he gets from the recipient. This makes him draw the inspiration and repeat such noble acts on a continual basis, and also inspire others to perform such acts.

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