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Mindset and Attitude in an Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Journey with Ayaz - Mindset and Attitude

Journey of an Entrepreneur – Part IV

Thank you for reaching this far with the entrepreneurship journey. If you have missed the initial parts of this journey, do read them to keep track of this journey. In this episode, we are going to focus on an important aspect of entrepreneurship – mindset and attitude. These are critical in helping you scale. The direction, upwards or downwards, will be decided on your own approach. This article will simply lay down some do’s and don’ts with the possible consequences.

Positive Mindset and Attitude

With a positive attitude, an individual always looks for opportunities in every difficulty. He even accepts the fact that his business partner and he have varying thought processes and business ideologies. He will always look to keep a balance without offending his partner’s sentiments and business acumen.

With this attitude, an entrepreneur will always be solution-focused in every discussion, he will be more people-centric and empathetic. He will be down-to-earth and will also value his own and others’ self-respect.

Negative Mindset and Attitude

With a negative approach, the individual cannot differentiate between “what is right” and “I am right”. He will always look to have “my way or the highway”. His ego will be higher than the sky which will get hurt often, especially when he hears words like “no”, “it’s not possible”, “it can’t be done”. This will cause more violent reactions than calm positive responses.

With this approach, he will not listen to reason, even if it is legally binding. Such entrepreneurs will pose unnecessary challenges without proper justification. This attitude and approach will cause more harm than good. All his potential clients, partners and associates will always look to avoid him as he does not value or respect other people. Such type of entrepreneurs tend to be selfish and haughtily arrogant.

Consequences and Impact

Entrepreneurs with a negative mindset or an arrogant attitude will only make enemies. Their task will only be uphill in all aspects – getting clients, partners, forming meaningful business relations, maintaining employees, etc.

On the other hand, an entrepreneur with a down-to-earth approach towards people, will be more careful in maintaining relations with all business partners and associates. Clients will refer him to friends and family.


It is pertinent to develop and maintain a balanced attitude. This will go a long way in maintaining fruitful and mutually beneficial relations with your clients, vendors, employees, partners, associates, freelancers and whoever you develop business relations with. It is important to identify and build relations that will help build brand value in the long run.

Entrepreneurs with a humble approach and down-to-earth attitude will go on to become sustainable entrepreneurs. In the entrepreneurship journey, there will be ups and downs which need an attitude of endurance and perseverance.

Thank you for reading this part as well. Do feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments box below. We will respond to your queries at the earliest possible. Stay tuned for the next volume in which I will share more on entrepreneurship journey based on more personal experiences.

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