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The Journey of an Entrepreneur – Part I

A person who embarks on a journey of trading goods or services for making a profit while taking risks. This requires a positive mindset with a business acumen and the ability to be prepared to meet all ups and downs at every time. Not everybody who has an idea can become a sustainable entrepreneur. There is a difference between a successful entrepreneur and a sustainable entrepreneur. In this series of articles, I will attempt to highlight the major differences between the two based on personal experiences of self and with others.

Sustainable Entrepreneur – Prelude.

What is sustainability? This is a state of “equilibrium” in which progress is made at a steady and maintainable rate. Which then brings us to, who is a sustainable entrepreneur or what is sustainable entrepreneurship? Simply put, an entrepreneur who defines his rate of growth in a way that he is making consistent and sustainable progress in his journey of creating wealth.

Successful Entrepreneur – Prelude.

What is the meaning of success? Different people have different definitions and meanings for success. One of the most popular meanings is to associate success with loads of money and fame. Who is a successful entrepreneur or what is successful entrepreneurship? A person who has made a lot of money in a short span of time.

Getting Started

Now that we have understood the different types of entrepreneurship meanings and definitions, the tricky question to think about is, “which of these would you like to be, a sustainable entrepreneur or a successful one?” Once you are clear in your mind, then the next thing to think about is, what is your passion? What are you good at? What are your skills? It could be anything like drawing, artwork, writing, sewing, cooking, singing, dancing, acting, directing, stand-up comedy etc. There are plenty of options to choose from.

The key question to consider is, which of your skills defines you, which you can take forward to consistently create wealth for you.

After identifying your core skills, take your time to create a few initial works. This will help you polish and formulate your way of doing things. Share your initial creations with your immediate friends and family members and get an initial opinion and feedback. This will be a “dipstick” test for your concept or idea. From the initial set of people, you will get both – positive and negative feedback. Take both in a very positive way. Do not get discouraged by the negative feedback even if it comes in the form of criticism. This will only help you do better. The feeling of vengeance will only fuel your passion to perform better.


To summarize, do a little bit of groundwork or preparation to begin your entrepreneurship journey. This is analogous to preparing for a road trip. Plan your trip well, however, also plan for and be prepared for the sudden breaks and contingencies that you come across. This is the initial stage. Thank you for reading this. In the subsequent articles, I will talk about taking the next step in moving forward.

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    Saravjit Singh

    Scaleable Startups are a whole new ball game. They are designed to quickly progress from small to big to gigantic. Examples of this in India include Flipkart, Ola and Paytm Entrepreneurs who venture into this area must start with a strong business model and a capable team that has the staying power and a strong will to stay with the project and implement the plan based on the business model. I suggest using Business Model Canvas based approach. This will also help explain on one page to the VCs what you are really up to and gain their confidence to get the capital required for such an enterprise. Your guidance on this will be a big help to our readers. .