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EyeROV Tuna to Revolutionise Underwater Water Surveillance

Drone manufacturing and applications in the country are varied and innovative. Setting another milestone in the field of drone technology, team EyeROV have now come up with India’s first commercial underwater drone – EyeROV Tuna.

On 14th September 2018, team EyeROV will hand over EyeROV Tuna to the Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), DRDO at Maker Village, Kalamaserry, Kochi. The inaugural ceremony will commence at 5pm. The programme is a major milestone for the company as well as in the commercialisation of innovative drone technology in the country.

It is moment of pride and honour for EyeROV in their entrepreneurial journey which has achieved great success in a short span of time.

Curating the love for hardware and submitting themselves to open up to the market with something that has less tangibility, Johns T Mathai amalgamating his partnership with Kannappa, incorporated EyeRov.

The road way to creating substantial solution is based on the idea of understanding the need for that solution, and creating the best fit model of that solution by continuously learning from past mistakes and feedbacks. This type of growth creates a deep rooted company with core ideologies and captivating products. This is the way that EyeROV as a start up has paved up till now and for the future.

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