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Grind Master RCG Series for grinding Front Axle Beams

Grind Master is pioneer and leader in delivering various surface finish solutions for wide range of applications starting from cookware polishing upto mission critical microfinishing solutions for automotive industry. Grind Master deliver various Robotic automation solutions for casting fettling, deflashing, machining, grinding and polishing solutions. Grind Master’s Robotic Belt Grinding Machine is preferred solution by the industry for grinding front axle beams.

Grind Master Robotic Belt Grinding Machine is an advanced, Flexible and most reliable machine for complex fixtures. This system consists of a 6 axis Robot with Multi Tool Grinding System.  This increases the productivity, unmatched grinding finish quality and reduces cycle time resulting in reduced manpower.

Grind Master RCG series machine is an ideal and economic machine for Grinding operations including  Parting line grinding, end flash, Grinding of goose neck area, king pin boss. This machine addresses specific problems presents in forging industry like unhealthy working conditions, heavy Components, heavy stock removals, complex shapes, loading-unloading, tool changers, automatic path corrections, variation in components.

This System fully automatic and comes equipped with multi-tool operation. This machine is suitable for wide range heavy components like Front Axel Beams, Connecting Rods, Heavy Fabrications manufactured in large volumes.  This machine is having advanced capabilities such as Automatic Length Control, Environment and Safety Compliance. RCG system can also be employed for advanced materials such as Titanium Alloys and Ni Co Alloys.

Grind Master is a trusted partner for many reputed forging industries & foundries in the world, providing a total and reliable solution. Over 10 such solutions for grinding front axle beam are in place delivered to various industry leaders.

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