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igus e skin receives Fraunhofer Clean Technology award

igus has developed the e-skin for the energy supply sector in clean production areas. It provides systems with data, media and energy without generating airborne particles through friction above the strict limit, which could contaminate the room. The improved corrugated hose for cleanroom applications received the 2nd prize in the Fraunhofer clean technology award, which was presented on 6 February 2018.

The production of microchips, flat screens, implants, pharmaceutical products or micro- and nano-products would be inconceivable without a clean, pure or high-purity manufacturing environment. Any contamination has a direct negative impact on products and processes and costs a lot of money to the manufacturer. The motion plastics specialist igus has developed a novel corrugated tube for energy supply in clean rooms: the e-skin. It has the seal of approval Fraunhofer Tested Device of the ISO class 1 and received now the 2nd prize of the Fraunhofer clean technology award "Clean!  2018". Here, outstanding ideas in the field of clean technology are rewarded; not only ideas that are completely new, but also those that increase the economic efficiency of production processes.

Enclosed type with abrasion resistance for clean production
The e-skin is made of tribologically optimised, abrasion-resistant plastic. The separable upper and lower shells can be easily put together by a "zipper" to a fully enclosed tube, which is highly dust-proof and water-resistant. This guarantees both cleanroom compatibility and a quick filling and maintenance of the cables. The assembly-friendly e-skin is also extremely light and ideal for small installation spaces, for instance in pick & place applications, and unlike other corrugated hoses, it is even applicable for short unsupported distances due to the stiffness of the material, the rib profile and a defined direction of motion. The design and material of the e-skin have been tested for cleanroom compatibility in the in-house igus test laboratory.


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