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MOTOVARIO brings Burgundy pantone 1807C to communicate “Heart of Motion”


Motovario, the leading Italian power transmission solutions company introduces a new institutional colour in their brand communication. Burgundy pantone 1807C is the new colour chosen for the company's official communications, taking its place alongside the traditional BLUE and GREY in the company's logo. A dark shade of red, burgundy 1807C is the new colour that we are using to convey energy and passion, fundamental traits that distinguish our company.

Moreover, burgundy is naturally associated with the colour of the heart, a functional nerve centre, a propeller of movement that ensures life, just as our products represent the pulsating element of applications they are used in. So not just a colour, but a concept that perfectly communicates Motovario's pay off "HEART OF MOTION".

Motovario offers a wide range of power transmission solutions to satisfy the most important industries: gearboxes and geared motors, helical models, bevel helical, parallel axis, worm gears, moreover the range is completed with  variators, electric motors and electric drives.

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