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Phillips organises seminar on Additive Manufacturing possibilities in Investment Casting

Phillips Machine Tools India, India’s leading machine tools solutions provider jointly with EOS, global leader in 3D printing solutions organized a seminar on Additive Manufacturing titled ‘How Will Additive Manufacturing Impact Investment Casting?’ on 18th August 2018 at Imperial Palace Hotel, Rajkot.

The seminar was conducted to explore the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing in the Investment Casting industry.

With increasing need more complex designs, the ages-old mold casting method gave way to investment casting in which a mould is built using a wax model that could be burned out prior to the metal being poured into the mold. This process is known as investment casting, or as lost casting.

However, in today’s manufacturing arena, costs of development or producing a small run of parts or products using Investment Casting method can raise the production costs too high to be viable.

Especially for tooling costs can be high for investment casting. The mould for making wax patterns is expensive, has long lead times and needs process control.

Additive manufacturing (AM) offers a faster, less expensive alternative to creating investment molds. The biggest advantage however is the fact that one can do away with moulds. Additive manufacturing can straight away print patterns with fine details.

 Investment Casting can be very expensive at low volumes due to high cost of mould making. 3D printed patterns may cost more than wax patterns. But there is no need for moulds with 3D printing. So, at low volumes, additive manufacturing can bring in economies.

The seminar focused on all these issue apart from educating attendees about digitizing the pattern making process thus building efficiency and agility to react to the industry needs.

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