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Alutix to Revolutionize Indian Shop Floors through their Aluminium Insulation

Abhinandan Jain - Alutix

“With Alutix you will see noticeable savings on your air-conditioning bills. We are not into the market to make money but to get something valuable for the commoners. We want to go social with insulation sheets and make it a necessity for the consumers.” Says Mr. Abhinandan Jain, Founder, Alutix Insulations.

Alutix Insulations has been established with an aim to be the country’s leading manufacturer of the Aluminium Air Bubble Insulation, which is also known as Thermal Reflective Insulation. Reflective insulation is an insulating and energy conserving product that adds an air cushion, usually in the form of plastic bubble material, between layers of aluminum foil to improve the insulating value or R-value of what would otherwise be a simple radiant barrier.

Chartered Accountants coming out of their space and thinking on Manufacturing is rare but the founders of the company have made it possible. Abhinandan Jain, Vikas Mittal and Ankur Goel are practicing Chartered Accountants by profession but their interest towards the thermal Insulation and deep understanding towards the products made Alutix Insulations possible. “We had formed this set up with an objective to create a brand that would be known for its superior quality and excellent customer satisfaction. The organisation has been formed on the principles of treating our customers as the center of our focus, with everything that we do, should be revolved around them. We do have plans for export too” Says Mr. Vikas Mittal, Co-Founder, Alutix Insulations

With easy to install and maintenance free, these foil insulations are thin, lightweight and ultra-durable. Expertise with roofing and insulation sheets and packing material range, these thermal Insulation/Aluminium Air Bubble Insulation sheets offer sure-shot protection from radiant heat.

Alutix Insulations has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit with the High-Speed Production facility in Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh. The plant employs the most modern pieces of equipment backed by the dedicated and experienced teams of motivated members. The production process ensures consistency in the production process with every inch of foil is guaranteed to have superior quality and durability.

On being asked, if factories are the ultimate destinations for insulations, Mr. Jain responds “It’s a one- time investment and the application for these insulation sheets can be diversified. Currently we aim for factories, because the area is huge and there are may employees who work with sweating the entire day while the employers are in their cabins. These sheets are ideal for them. We have explored poultry too and plan for residential areas soon.”

In terms of product range, Alutix Insulations have Single Layer Insulations, Double layer Insulations and Packing Material range. Alutix Victor 4 mm, Alutix Classic 6 mm and Alutix Noble 10 mm come under the Single Layer Insulations whereas the Alutix Star 8 mm, Alutix Master 12 mm and Alutix Prime 20 mm come under the Double Layer Insulations.

If challenges are frequent, pat comes the reply from Mr. Mittal, “We are here to stay in the market for long. We love to take it big and think better. Challenges are in every field. We love challenges and are ready to accept them as and when they come in terms of production, marketing etc. We wish to grow with facing these challenges and excel in our mission.”

With a mission to remain or become the partner of their customer’s choice, the team members have been working diligently to achieve their goals. The vision is clear, to be the global market leader outfitted with the most advanced technology and network in the field of manufacturing and developing the thermal Insulation.

With highly qualified professionals, the founders want to take the idea of aluminium air bubble insulation even to the grassroots level and help in improving the environment by doing constant research in the field of insulation to make building insulation work better for all of us.

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