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In the automation age, businesses today bank heavily on the benefits of a good website. Groww Technologies has set out on an innovative expedition to be a trusted partner and champion for organisations of all sizes in their quest to build successful online ventures. Two techies of Indian origin, Maan Singh, and Hakeem Javaid are set to transform local business by contributing to India’s Digital Transformation story. A website needs to have all the qualities to wow its visitors, and a good webpage can become the means to launch its services and products on a global scale. 

Incorporated on 22nd September 2017, Groww websites are powerful for small businesses. At the core of Groww is Artificial Intelligence that works with various powerful technologies. This A.I was designed and built by software engineers, website developers and successful entrepreneurs, all with over 10 years of experience in their respective fields. The A.I. cleverly designs and builds websites, mining lots of data, producing unique websites compatible on both Desktop and mobile phones. It also regularly updates those websites as new technologies become available, ensuring businesses offer the best online service for their users/customers over time. (that means nothing) The Groww A.I. itself is also being improved further to offer even more powerfully simple routes into the online world, further simplifying business growth via online technologies. (that means nothing) Groww has built over a million cutting-edge websites with the power of Artificial Intelligence. A professional yet remarkably affordable website for every single small business across India is our value proposition

India is an integral part of the global IT market. Companies across the globe respect and understand Indian IT talent as the backbone of many Fortune 500 Companies. Top IT companies have more than 10% of Indian origin workforce outside of India. The sad part is, 90% of the small businesses and shops across rural India and tier 2 & tier 3 cities are still disconnected from IT. “We wanted to change this. That’s our inspiration. We would like to see 90% of these small businesses and shops be connected to the digital world, and they can do that on our Groww network. We are talking about AI enabled smart websites, optimised on a local Google search, at the lowest possible cost.” Over 60% of customers today search for local services online. This means that if a business does not have a website, its presence is invisible on the internet. (Repeating an earlier point) Whether the customer visits the website from desktop or mobile, they'll find the address alongside an interactive Google Maps tool showing the exact location of the business. (I’ve kept this sentence, as this makes more sense than the previous two) They'll also be able to navigate to the company’s store in a single click with step by step directions on the official Google Maps app. Every business has loyal customers who love what they do. But many fail to retain them! With Groww every customer can subscribe to their secure mailing list or join the company’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages to be the first to hear about any special offers or news

Nothing beats organic growth! “Did you know that every time a user hits a Facebook 'Like' button, their friends & family see what they've liked? We've integrated them across your website; meaning every happy customer will help you grow. Don't forget, they also love sharing directly with friends & family too, so we've also integrated 'Share' buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and even Whatsapp to further boost customer growth”.

While it is usually quite difficult to register a domain and tie it to a website, Groww has made it super easy to select any .COM or .IN address of one’s choice, register it on the World Wide Web, and attach it to their website all in a single click. Security and privacy are of utmost importance to internet users, so all of Groww’s websites are secured with the latest encryption. “We understand just how busy business owners are, so we've made updating your website easier than ever. There is no need to edit the code yourself or wait for a programmer to update content, layouts or pages. Simply log into your beautifully simple dashboard to edit or add business info, images, products, offers and more, and your smart website will have its text, images, pages, and layouts updated instantly.”

Over 30% of businesses have yet to own a website. Of that 30 %, most businesses have poorly designed & ineffective websites. Akin to judging a book by its cover, customers today judge the quality of a business based on the quality of their website. Therefore it’s important for small businesses to provide a website to cater to growing internet-led based economy. Our services are designed to give small business owners the same growth opportunities as Fortune 500 companies. Business owners can engage with customers in a way they have never been able to before. “Groww aids growth. Larger companies have the capital and the capacity to be running and updating websites constantly unlike smaller businesses. Groww aims to challenge that struggle by using pin code based, Google-powered web-building to create websites for smaller businesses, minimising work and expense. If you are able to use a smartphone or simply send emails, any business owner will be able to engage with their customers and grow their businesses with ease.”, say the two intellectuals behind Groww, Mr. Maan Singh and Mr. Hakeem Javaid.

With over a thousand organised businesses offering domain and website designing and hosting services Groww differentiates itself in this highly competitive environment by taking up the challenge of boosting their service and quality of websites to the next level. “Yes, there are big players in this segment and many of them promise to build websites easily, but there are only handfuls that have developed technology that caters for small businesses and shops. Our USP is the sheer quality of websites, optimised for both PCs and mobile, local SEO and visibility on local searches for products and services. It enables communication between the customer and the business owner, be it on social media platforms or emails”, says Mr. Javaid.

Groww started in UK with similar objectives and today they are UK’s leading player in this sector. “We have connected many shops and small businesses on our platform. We are starting our operations in the USA and India. The market looks optimistic, and with the digital boom and connectivity, we feel that India will be our growth engine. We have made the most advanced AI enabled website building platform that is powered by Google. We have taken three years to conceptualise and build Groww to where it is today. In the next three years, every town and village in India will have at least one website on the Groww platform. That’s our target for India”. With a strength of 50 plus workforce at its headquarters in the UK. Inn India, they have just started and have 10 people helping them largely with sales. They are also planning to relocate their technology development to India soon.

A strong digital vision for India is imperative to propel the country into its next phase of growth. The government is trying to connect remote areas/villages via high-speed internet services to digitally empower people. Groww will contribute to the government’s efforts by enabling businesses to go online. The true value of a digital nation means that workflow becomes automated. Efficiency has to be brought into the processes, and it needs to be much faster and transparent. Only then it makes sense to be called a digital nation. In the near future, Groww also will proudly showcase a ‘Made in India’ tag. Mr. Singh says, “We provide a solution by providing identity to businesses across the country, especially the smaller ones, by giving them a permanent online identity. It’s the first step. Groww is playing an integral part in this digital transformation of smaller cities, villages and towns. The cost at which we are offering our services signals that we are here to transform and connect, rather than making profits.”

Groww offers its employees an amazing opportunity to grow, learn and evolve. “We believe in cohesive working, with a common mission and objectives. Our office is a fun place to be for a techie. We have tried our best to keep the environment at office as fun as possible. Being a technology company, we have to be at the top of our game. And technology is something that changes so fast, we constantly motivate and encourage our employees to keep themselves updated with latest technology. Groww’s doors are always open for people with a knack for technology and development”, comment Groww’s founders.

The front doors to modern businesses are no longer on the high street. It is online in the form of websites, accessible to customers 24/7, shared with family & friends on social media at the click of a button, and navigated via Google Maps on smart phones. Modern customers desire websites, but many businesses have yet to own one. Why? Because they're often expensive, and poorly designed. Groww builds affordable smart websites for each and every small business in India, cleverly designed to help them thrive in the digital world.

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