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En Route to Enhanced Performance with Algo Engines

Vibhav Gupta - Algo Engines

There is a desire in every established organization to attain success in its primitive developmental stages with honest effort and endeavors. These directives are the basis of every concern which gives birth to the system and structures put in place to realize the dreams. Failure leads the way to success. But it is something to be solely avoided; it is also a temporary setback on a bigger issue, even the trifling matters get an onslaught of a stumbling block. But without the knowledge of entrepreneurship all business planning, operational strategy and top-rated human resource can’t go hand in hand rather they meet a total downfall than getting a clear lead.

Now we are going to uphold the success story of CEO at Algo Engines Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Vibhav Gupta, a resilient, thoughtful, mature, consistent and in one word just versatile indeed. He has over six years of experience in industrial automation, plant operations and technical sales across Reliance Industries and Algo Engines. An engineer at heart he is very much akin to view the hardship as a progressive challenge.

After graduating from SPCE, Mumbai with an electrical engineering degree in 2012, he worked with Reliance Industries Limited for four years at one of its manufacturing plants. He played a key role in plant automation maintenance and grabbed the opportunity to work with leading technological innovation. Reliance Industries provided him ample opportunity to learn on the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics and leverage the same to improve performance. His current role is to lead the group of business development professionals besides performing the role of CEO.

Now the question is what does Algo Engine do for the modern industry? 

The answer is lucid as well as subtle. Algo Engines helps energy generation asset owners enhance the generation and identify underperforming assets through its monitoring, analytics and performance management platform. It currently works with the three biggest natural power – solar, wind and hydroelectric. The platform helps industrial owners improve plant performance and reduce equipment downtime. The platform is user-friendly. It helps customers anticipate a likely failure in the turbine/inverter and also visualize the day-ahead energy generation forecast. Every fine detail is noticeable here and customers can manage portfolio from megawatt to gigawatt. The insights generated by the platform add  $10,000 per MW to the bottom line. Providing real-time data anywhere, anytime through a laptop, tablet and mobile apps is another key feature that it can proudly boast of.

Currently, Algo Engine is looking for the newer scopes prevalent in the European and North American market with the full-throated endowment. The company has already started working with few customers in this region and now looking forward to further expand their presence. On the product end, the successful presence of certified and devoted workforce endows the sector with hi-tech advancement. The future product plan is to integrate drone/UAV data on their platform to provide detailed asset performance insight to their clients.

On the global impact of Algo Engines, Mr. Vibhav Gupta said “we are still in our early stages but we aim to contribute to sustainable energy generation. We are currently helping renewable energy asset owners, enhance the generation and reduce carbon footprint. Our goal is to work towards making the planet greener and cleaner”.

The company is persistently trying to upbeat enhance its customer segments that mainly work consists of plant owners and asset managers of wind, solar, hydro and other energy generating assets. The urge plan is to provide services to operation and maintenance service providers looking to enhance their service standard through the analytics platform. Another possible customer segment isIts the wind,  and solar & hydroelectric OEMs who aims to provide end-to-end solution for their client needs. 

The ladder to success concept did not turn up very easily to him. He had to work tirelessly to reach the summit. It is the challenge that is embedded with an endeavor that borders on his current job profile. 

On being asked about the major challenges that he faced in this industry, Vibhav Gupta recounted the initial challenges that were showcasing how analytics can be leveraged to improve plant performance. The industry follows a reactive approach to maintenance and Algo Engines is helping customers move to a proactive analytical approach. The goal is to identify underperforming wind turbines or inverters and ensure the customers focus on those assets that can help improve plant generation and thereby enhance the bottom-line.

His advice to the budding entrepreneurs in the industry is to focus on the market need, understand customer issue and solve it as first priority. He suggests budding entrepreneurs analyze the market and test the concept to be sure if there is a need for the product.

To sum up we asked Mr. Gupta what is the driving force of the company for which it excelled all through in previous years. The answer came as a breakthrough when he told their team has a background in major fields of energy consulting, financial markets, big data analytics, machine learning and plant operation. Knowledge based on experience - following this tagline Algo Engine upholds the company's flexible work schedule that gives its employees confidence to do their best. Algo Engine is like a horizon that plays a key role in the energy mix and the use of industrial analytics to have clean swipe above all.

You can connect to Vibhav Gupta at For more details write to Algo Engines, 7th floor, Kukreja Center, Sector 11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai - 400 614 Email: Tel: +91 22 2757 4336

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