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We all must have heard of smart phones, we use it daily but how often do we hear about Smart Homes? In the world where everything is turning smart, “iSwitchBox” turns your home into a ‘Smart Home’. Mr Nivrutti Nagre and Dr Mukes Bangar, two young entrepreneurs established InorganicMind Automation Private Limited, a technologically advanced company that puts forth the most high-quality innovative products in the home automation arena. Established in 2015, all their products are sold under the name ‘iSwitchBox’. In a very short span of 3 and half years the company has become a reliable manufacturer, exporter and service provider.

Dedication and hard work they say is what leads to achieving your dreams and so it is true. Completed  MBA, Marketing in 2011 from Mumbai University, Mr Nivrutti Nagre, the co-founder of the company has come a long way in making this company a success. Before InorganicMind Mr Nivrutti Nagre started a company in Aurangabad during January 2014 named Stimulus Eco-Energy, manufacturing Biomass Briquette. This product was made from agriculture waste and replaced black coal. These products were supplied to Pepsico, ITC, Presunus Kabi like MNC in Pune and Aurangabad. Doing something that would benefit the eco-system was his ultimate goal. 

iSwitchBox another inspirational example is Dr Mukesh Bangar, a dentist excelling in research and programming. Hailing from a small town, ‘Yavatmal’, Dr Mukesh is a dentist, an author and CTO. Having a wide eye on the various aspects of research, Dr Bangar put forth his ‘Theory of Real Space-Time Integration’, ‘The Cognitive Model of Consciousness’ and an ‘Awareness Processing Unit’. Ahead in his journey, Dr Mukesh is now the co-founder of InorganicMind.  Walking hand-in-hand through thick and thin both Mr Nivrutti Nagar and Dr Mukesh Bangar have worked through all the odds and have brought this company to a stage where it is now. 

iSwitchBox is the most affordable smart home solutions in India, converting your entire home automatic. A home that people could just dream about has come to reality. ‘InorganicMind’ provide you with a wide range of products like Smart Home Wi-Fi Wireless Switch, iSwitchBox 3.1 Dimmer, Wireless Home Automation System, Dimmer Switch 3.1, Smart Plug, Voice Controlled Home Automation System, Electronic Dimmer Switch 5.2, WiFi Home Automation System, Smart  Home Device.  All these devices are fully automatic with the best manufacturing quality and guess what, they function entirely on your home WiFi connection. The entire sets of the device are linked through a mobile application installed on your smartphone. This mobile application helps you operate power appliances, lights and fans, TV, or music systems via iSwitchBox 1.0, iSwitchBox 3.0 or iSwitchBox 3.1. Each model comes with a one year warranty on any manufacturing defect.  You can operate any electronic device at your home without actually being present there.

Imagine you relaxing at your couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You are too sleepy and you notice a very irritating speck of light coming through your window. You are too tired to get up. Don’t worry. Smart Curtain Controls come to your rescue here! These controls function through motor operations which are connected with IM Hub to schedule open and close the curtains. Isn’t it fascinating?

The iSwitchBox is the main source that is connected to your home switches through which it is directly accessible to the WiFi router, IM Hub and your phone application.  The iSwitchBox allows you to control your home lights, fans, geyser, air conditioners, etc. that you could operate through the applications.  All these devices and systems are installed at your existing home with retro fittings. There are no alterations made to your existing switchboard. There is a two-way switching facility i.e., the user can control the devices either by smartphones or manually through buttons. Your home turns smart just within a 20 minutes quick installation process.

Remotely controlled from anywhere across the world, these devices are energy saving and eco-friendly. You can switch on and off all your electrical appliances without reaching for the switchboard. The whole automation is safe and secure without any complications and defects so that you feel safe and can live carefreely.

Spreading its wings in countries like US, South Africa and reaching in future in Sri Lanka and Nepal, the company further aims to manufacture ‘SMART IM’ an innovative device that will replace all your remotes at home. The company also aims at making devices that would replace ‘Alexa’ a voice controlled device. With a mere team of 14 members, the company is climbing the ladder to success in an instinct. 

Providing you with a simple 2 step installation process, this company turns your home into a smart home in the most cost-effective and affordable way of making your life more easy and luxurious!

You can reach InorganicMind Automation at +91 7218881807 or email at

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