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It’s not too often that a brand name stands for what it implies. And when it does, it certainly makes a difference in its field. Pioneer Surgicals is one such name in the healthcare products segment in the country.

And Prafullakumar Nemane, who has made Pioneer Surgicals what it is today, epitomizes pioneering entrepreneurship with his relentless efforts and acumen.

After completing Engineering in Information Technology, Prafullakumar Nemane had a wide range of lucrative career options to choose from, but he did not want to work a normal job and decided to go against the odds starting something of his own. Since his family had a medical background Prafullakumar decided to venture out into this field. Initially his father was hesitant and did not support his decision; however, his mother was certain that he would soar high if he follows his dreams. Finally, his father too agreed and provided him with a capital amount to initiate the business.

A passionate mind with thousand dreams was just about right for Prafullakumar to start the Pioneer Surgicals. Incepted in 2011, Pioneer Surgicals is a company that manufactures, sells and exports wide range of surgical instruments such as Exercising Gym Equipment, Wheelchair, Medical Equipment and Oxygen Cylinder, Air Bed Interchangeable Tube, Hospital Water Bed, Fowler Bed, and Walker with Wheel and many more. As the name suggests Prafullakumar was pioneering into something new and he was mindful of all the challenges he was going to face. As a startup the first challenge was lack of manpower. Nonetheless Prafullakumar put in his heart and soul, worked round the clock with hard work and dedication to achieve his dreams. His labor wasn’t in vain. Eventually, the company started growing in stature making it easier to function.

Customer satisfaction with quality products was their vision; hence they manufactured products that were above the normal range of products in the market with proficient after sale service. Their products started gaining recognition because of its quality making them one of the best in the market.

They were determined to provide quality products without any compromises, as a result of which they never faced any major challenge. Prafullakumar was clear about his goals and objective and worked along with his team with the same vision in mind.

However with E-commerce growing rapidly, Pioneer Surgicals had to face a minor setback in their business that brought about a dip in their sales and profit, but Prafullakumar thought ahead of time and was prepared for all challenges that were in store. He did not give up. He broadened his views starting advertising on a larger scale switching to online marketing roving into a new direction. They started researching, exploring new ideas that would gain customer interest, they started improvising as per the market requirements and customer needs, yet keeping the quality intact.

With customer satisfaction as their goals, Pioneer Surgicals opened six retailer outlets across Maharashtra and is still growing. With a view to segregate the manufacturing and retail sectors, they have also started two sister companies that are still budding. Pioneer Surgicals now has a skilled staff of 25 individuals and have now outsourced 50% of the work due to the increasing demand.

“The company turnover was over 5 crores last year and I also returned the capital I had borrowed from my father within three years” Prafullakumar tittered.

His inspirations are his parents who have supported, guided and steered his steps on the path of success.

“Explore your options, don’t fear challenges, build a good network and be introspective” - are a few pearls of wisdom shared by an invincible Prafullakumar who wasn’t afraid to follow his dreams.

‘Health is wealth’ is a proverb known by all, followed by few. Pioneer Surgicals with its operational and financial growth truly adds another dimension to the meaning of this proverb, taping less treaded market segment in India, touching the right chord among Indians.      

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