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REOFT Forges Futuristic Technologies and Security Solutions for All

REOFT Technologies - Forges Futuristic Technologies

"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can meaningfully talk about one without talking about the other"   Bill Gates

India is witnessing a brand new generation of start-ups, making their presence felt not just in the domestic sphere, but also globally. They’re inspiring success stories of people who have paved their own roads of innovation and dreams. Today, India is the 4th largest start-ups base across the globe with over 3,000 + start-ups established in the last 7 Years and it is expected to reach 10,000 start-ups by 2020. With campaigns like Start-up India, Digital India, Make in India, etc. from the government, start-ups are the buzz in the country.

Mr. Prathmesh Dharkar, Founder and CEO and Mr. Akshay Shandilya CTO of REOFT Technologies Pvt. Ltd., had an idea in mind! Left his cushy job! Worked hard! And the rest as they say... is history!

Based out of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, REOFT stands for Research and Engineering of Futuristic Technology. REOFT is focused solely on safety and security for all. Since REOFT’s inception in 2016, it has built its products and services in order to create order from chaos. It is in the business of customized tech solutions. Its products and services strive to keep one’s personal and corporate data safe and secure, and it keeps inventing and reinventing to ensure what the customers care for the most, are secured with them. The Company's core belief is rooted in its commitment to quality of both product and services to the customer and is achieved through harnessing of the experience and talent embedded in each and every employee. At REOFT, the ideology is one that uses participative decision-making at all levels. It is a work ethic that explains proposed changes to those affected by them, and has open channels of communication both in a horizontal and vertical organizational sense.

REOFT is a team of engineers and professionals from diverse backgrounds working towards a common dream of building a futuristic company which will be a milestone in the years to come. “For us, safety is paramount. We are a team of tech geeks who love creating products that keep gadgets secure. Our team works round the clock to create game-changing products with advanced capabilities. From business processes to our personal vehicle, our team has reliable safety and security solutions for all”, explains Mr. Dharkar.

The products and services REOFT offers include:

INTERNET OF THINGS: While the initial stages of the Internet's development had profound implications for the technology industry, the implications of the Internet of Things (IoT) will prove even more far-reaching since by its inherent characteristics it is a movement that is believed will reach beyond tech to impact every industry.

WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: REOFT works with its customers to develop a user experience which delivers value to their audience. Armed with years of experience and research, REOFT's web design and development solutions are customized to help its customers achieve their website's goals.

TELEMATICS SOLUTIONS: This single-integrated platform helps deliver a true command of operations by uniting optimized route planning, dispatching and 2G based GPS live tracking, mobile applications, vehicle telematics, fleet/driver and compliance and performance analytics. Compared to other GPS tracking devices available in the market, REOFT offers it at a much lower price point because the device is completely manufactured by them with its parts sourced from within our country.

CUSTOMIZED TECH SOLUTIONS: Innovative solutions for the client’s toughest technology challenges. While standard solutions and remote support offers the most cost-effective approach for many of its clients, there are always businesses that need additional customized support. At REOFT Technologies, they deliver what they promise!

APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: As market forces change the way one does business, a company’s integration with the IT is also changing. With emerging applications on the cloud, the explosion of mobility and the convergence of computing, businesses across industries are looking for custom application development solutions to support their individual business needs.

TECH CONSULTANCY: As technology rapidly evolves, it's more important than ever to have an innovation adviser on your side. Whether it's time to create a new vision or put one into place, REOFT can help you uncover the best tech to solve the client’s toughest business problems no matter the industry.

PROTOTYPING: Helping to identify commercial opportunities with clients, REOFT uses their creativity and vast manufacturing experience to develop innovative and competitive new products. Whether a local inventor or an international client REOFT can offer everything one needs to get their product to market. Every project is unique and REOFT can tailor their services to match the client’s requirements.

IN-HOUSE DEVELOPMENT: REOFT provides complete in-house development. From Product development and Manufacturing till application or via other service, REOFT provides support nearly on every platform according to the client's needs. In-house development ensures complete quality control on every aspect of the client's business and needs.

SECURITY TESTING: Vulnerabilities and the ways in which attackers could exploit is one of the greatest insights one can get in improving your security program. With that in mind, REOFT's Penetration Testing Services team simulates a real-world attack on the client’s networks, applications, devices, and/or people to demonstrate the security level of their key systems and infrastructure and show what it will take to strengthen it.

As a start-up, REOFT also had to undergo its share of challenges in its initial days. The products which they were looking to develop is the smallest GPS Tracker ever manufactured in India and had to have even the smallest of its parts imported from China. To add to it, those parts needed to be ordered in bulk which was a problem during the prototyping phase of the product, as new electronic parts were to be tested before they could be finalized for the final product. So the team had to travel to Delhi and Mumbai several times to meet prospective sellers dealing with these specific components for its GPS tracking device. Along with this the team had to face some problem from mobile app development end too. Due to high cost of map API the aim of providing GPS tracker at a price affordable by most of the people was far away. To deal with this problem and reducing the server and map API cost the team had to make a lot of firmware and software changes in order to implement more efficient protocol.

Mr. Dharkar draws his inspiration from stories of people who have not been able to make the cut due to certain failures in their ventures. When asked regarding his advice to the upcoming start-up entrepreneurs, he simply replied, “You just need to start. People related to your field of expertise will automatically connect with you and discuss the problems they are facing. Finding a solution for them will help you start your start-up. Have courage to fail everyday!” The advice is easier said than done but in his case; Mr. Dharkar has proved that chasing dreams is not easy. “An entrepreneur needs to bring life to a concept that attracts not just him but his target audience too. Once we succeed in winning the heart of your customers, keeping ourselves committed to their expectations is a real challenge”.

Ever since the advent of the internet, the world has seen a revolution on proportions never before witnessed. Virtually anything can be done online nowadays. By bringing the entire world into a single platform, the internet has made information the most common commodity. Social media, emailing, blogging and many other means now exist within the framework of the internet by which the individual person has the ability to share huge amounts of data unprecedented in history. One sector that has tremendously benefitted from this information revolution is the start-up scene. Today when businesses are springing up all over the place, and their success stories being told worldwide, it is no wonder that we have entrepreneurs like Mr. Prathmesh Dharkar aspiring to found start-ups.

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