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Are You Looking To Take Your Plumbing Business To The Next Level? Now it became easier


Plumbing is a medium that continues to enthrall thousands of artisans. If this is your case, you are in the right place. You have to know that the plumbing market is booming. On the one hand, the crisis has increased competition among plumbers and hurt the salaries of individuals who are the first customers.

But on the other hand, households are benefiting more and more from help with the installation of equipment for their housing. For that keeping track of the plumbers working under you happens to be a matter of great relevance and the use of CRM & Field Service Management for plumbers comes up as a perfect tool kit. Let us show you why.

The Steady Rise

Between 2009 and 2010, revenues for the plumbing fell by 10%, before making a moderate recovery: + 0.4% between 2010 and 2011. All in all, after a few difficult years, the market is doing pretty well. The revenue is the highest on the plumbing companies and not precisely the form of the individuals. However, given the level of competition in the market, it is essential to conduct a market study at the level of the implantation area of running a plumbing company.

The Questions That Have the Answers

How many plumbers are already present? What is the profile of customers there and what are their expectations? How to scale their performances? These are the questions that your system will have to answer. For that, the use of CRM & Field Service Management for the plumbing industry is the perfect option for you.

Bring a personal touch to your plumbing business

  • As a plumber, the competition is stiff. To get ahead of the game, you have to differentiate yourself.
  • For example, you can play on price transparency, or offer services that are different from those provided by your competitors.
  • Since 2010, support for works has multiplied, with, among other things, the introduction of:
  • For your company, this kind of initiative presents an opportunity: the news shows that the sector will need qualified people in what is called the "climate engineering" (air conditioning, heating, ventilation, etc.).
  • Home automation or connected objects are also other avenues to explore if you want to offer innovative services. The Popular CRM & Field Service Management software and app plumbers is one of them.

The formalities concerning the declaration of your activity will depend on the number of employees included in the company. So:

If you have less than ten employees, your business is artisanal. You will need to register it at the Chamber of Crafts and Crafts.

If you have more than ten employees, you have a business activity. This must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With the CRM Runner, you can keep their performances in the field well recorded. They will help you to keep the documents of each of the projects and repair works that your plumbers have done. Therefore, at the time of any troubleshooting, you will be able to track down the plumber responsible for a particular job.

Human needs and equipment to open a plumbing business

If you are planning to start a large plumbing business, it is first and foremost the choice of premises and the hiring of competent staff that should interest you. In some cities, this staff may be hard to find. Get closer to organizations to help you. And again you need to remember that a good company starts with a solid core to build upon CRM Runner is the go to software and app based solution that will give you the right tools to take the right decisions that will make your company thrive.

Otherwise, the equipment needs are quite limited. You will need mainly:

  • one or more professional vehicles as well as specialized equipment for the exploitation
  • office furniture and computer equipment for the commercial and administrative part
  • Legal documents: employment contracts, purchase orders, invoices, etc.

Whether you are running a small business, when you are the only employee or an established company with multiple employees: consider having better software to handle the day to day operations.

On the side of the expenses, it will be necessary to envisage in particular:

  • staff costs
  • The rent of the premises and associated costs (water, electricity, internet, and telephone, etc.) – If you are a startup it is recommended to work from home or low rent facility
  • vehicle maintenance and fuel
  • the cost of insurance, including mandatory decennial insurance for building professionals
  • the marketing budget
  • Costs related to the administrative part (accounting and payroll management software, accountant, bank charges, etc.)

Finally, do not neglect the workload to devote to the administrative part of your business. If necessary, you can outsource this part of the activity. For all these works as well, you can take the help of the CRM & Field Service Management for the plumbing industry.  The software would be a perfect option for you.

Using specialized CRM software has several significant advantages:

  • You will be guided step by step in the monitoring of instructions executed and examples for each part of the plan
  • You will quickly realize your financial forecast, letting the software take care of calculations and accounting aspects
  • You will access plumbing plans done beforehand
  • In the end, you will get a professional document, formatted, and ready to be sent to your bank
  • If this type of solution interests you, know that you can try our business plan software for free by registering.
  • Once you have gathered the information outlined in the steps above, you will be ready to complete the business plan for your plumbing business.

The CRM data is a complete document, detailing all the steps necessary for the implementation of your project, as well as a financial forecast highlighting the need for financing and the potential for profitability of it.

This is an essential document because:

It will allow you to make sure that you have not forgotten anything and that the project is financially viable, it will serve to convince your financial partners to follow you in the adventure and finally if you do not know how to do the business plan for your plumbing, or if you want to save time, an excellent solution is to use online business CRM software. So best of luck, you have all the options available now.

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