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Electric Motors in the EV Revolution

Electric Motors EV Revolution

Motors manufacturing in India has suddenly given importance by government due to revolution of EV and adoption target of 30% by 2030, as of today most of the automotive motors which are used in automotive applications are imported from Japan, China, Germany & Italy, at ARMIS we want to enable high end design of  best in class automotive motors and enable companies to build motors in India enabling “Made in India"

Who are we? ARMIS acts as aN interface with JAPAN universities in bringing innovations from Universities to solve OEM's and market needs, we are a team of researchers from 9 universities (Shizuoka, Nagoya, Nagasaki, AIT , Chuba, Gunma, Kyoto, Utsunomiya , Tokyo and IISc (India) and 13 labs in key areas such as Robotics, Power Electronics, Image Processing , Embedded Security, Bike Informatics, ADAS and Milliwave Radar

What we do? Our main objective is transfer of technology to OEM's and enable manufacturing capability as well by brining experts from Japan, but for startups and SME's / MSME's, we we also have manufacturing capability for motors, inverters, electronics with our partners ASTI India Electronics and FCC India.

We enable companies to build products HEV , PHEV , EV Motors/Inverters & Converters (DC-DC etc.,), Motor development consultancy, HiL (Hardware-in-loop) system for EV, HEV, PHEV, Building Air Conditioner Power Supply/ Inverter, Products Image Inspection for Quality check via CAMERA’s, Driver Support System w/ Mili- Wave Radar Vehicle Tracking & Drone Motor’s and Medical Blood transfusion motors, Medical X-ray machines ( including coloured x-ray’s) and Robotics/ Lobo-tics etc.,

We offer Research as a Service for large OEM’s we offer Transfer of Technology if we do joint development, for SME’s/MSE’s we have licensing model of our IP’s. Our Target Market Segment is : Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial / Specific Refrigeration, Medical , High voltage devices.

And a very strong team of 20+ researchers from various fields in Robotics, Image Processing, FPGA Programming, Communication, Advanced Control System, Security and Embedded Systems. Also in India looking for expert researchers in order to commercialise and productise various innovations from the universities, we are also partnering with Indian universities in Power Electronics, Image Processing and Robotics with IISc, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur and VIT Vellore/Chennai.

Power Electronics is a very vast field can be applied in Power Generation, Medical Devices (X-ray and Coloured X-ray), High Voltage Devices, Refrigeration, Motors, Inverters, Converters, Power Supply and Charging Infrastructure, we are doing research in all the areas to enable companies to build eco-friendly long sustainable products.

As there is a shortage of power electronics engineers of 20000 engineers to meet the EV target by 2030, we also help to bridge the
industry academia gap in training the students and the corporate world in power electronics.

We have built motors for all kinds of applications a modern car will have attest 100+ different kind of motors, we have built motors and actuators for almost all kind of applications including magnetic modulated motors with dual speed for hybrid applications

Our USP is building miniaturised motors for all kinds of applications the research team has build motors for Artificial Heart, Drones, Spaces Motors,Bearing less magnetic levitation motors, EV's motors a 3KW motor < 1kg and 15Kw <7 kg built for a JOEM, Wireless power supply/charging to coloured X-ray machines and building miniaturised Air Conditioner Power Supply/Inverter’s. We can build all kinds of motors SRM, Induction, Traction, BLDC, Bearing less, PMSM, IPM and more.

Conclusion: ARMIS would act as a research partner to OEM’s in bringing innovations from Japan universities and enable manufacturing of EV motors and all kind of motors with our partner in India and also whitelable the products, we want to revolutionise the production of motors in India , motor design has to be given same importance of engine design and specific to an application (vehicle requirement).

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    Gnana Kumar Swamy

    Thanks Manikandan, please do reach out to me on my email. , we can discuss further .

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    Dear Mr Swamy To begin with, let me place it on record that this is eye opener on part development in make in India. Please clarify how these motors are energy efficient.. I keep receiving good number of requests to work on this kind of projects.. How can we channelize these requests. .

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      Manikandan P

      Dear Mr. Swamy We are a start up company engaged in E-Mobility. We look forward to motor design and development for Light electric mobility. Please let us know how do we work together MK.

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      Gnana Kumara Swamy

      Thanks Mr. Kanil for the query, we are building miniaturised motors with efficiency upto 96% , this is the unique design which we have built for Japanese industry now bringing the same to India both from design and manufacturing technology from Japan, more details only after NDA.

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