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Shaping Productivity in Die And Mold

Dormer Pramet’s family of economical milling tools has been enhanced with several new ranges for semi-finishing and finishing in die and mold applications.

The launch features an assortment of CNHX05 double-sided inserts, with up to four cutting edges. Its unique patented wiper edges generate a high-quality surface finish, resulting in reduced machining time in both shoulder and face milling applications.

This is supported by a range of SCN05C cutters for productive copy milling of steels, hardened steels and cast irons.  Available in 12mm-20mm diameters, the tool’s close pitch increases the number of teeth and enables at least 20% higher productivity than standard pitch cutters.

It has been designed for contouring, profiling, plunging and face milling applications. Offering decreased levels of vibration, the tool has been optimized for smooth cutting of corners and pockets.

Meanwhile, Dormer Pramet has launched an insert with six-cutting edges, the double-sided WNHX04 insert. This too features a unique patented wiper edge to generate superior finish on component walls and face, reducing time in cut.

This latest insert is compatible with a new range of economical and productive copy milling tools. The SWN04C cutter, available in diameters between 20-35mm, offers a variety of differential pitch options to enhance surface finish and support the six-cutting edge insert.

SCN05C cutters-min.jpg

Designed for smooth cutting in operations with long overhang, it can be used in contouring, profiling, plunging and face milling applications with a depth of cut up to 2mm.

As with the SCN05C cutter, the SWN04C range is suitable for semi-finishing and finishing applications in steels, hardened steels and cast irons for the mold and die segment.  

In a recent example, the WNHX insert with WM geometry and new M4310 grade was used to machine tool steel at 0.50mm depth of cut. With a cutting speed of 196m/min and feed rate of 3,600mm/min, the tool reduced machining time by 45%, compared to a competitor’s equivalent. 

To find out about all the latest products launched, contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office or visit to download the new product brochure. Also, you can watch the new economical milling range in action on Dormer Pramet’s YouTube channel

Alternatively, visit Dormer Pramet at IMTEX 2019 (January 24 – 30) in Hall 3A, Stall no. B119. 


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