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Zechas new Micro mill cutters with optimum chip control

Precisely ground cutting edges, smoothly polished flutes – Zecha's new quality tool line boasts sophisticated milling geometry. The ball and torus mill cutters have been especially designed to cope with difficult copper machining operations.

Reliable and accurate, they give the workpieces of non-ferrous metals the desired

shape - and also do it, as is customary with Zecha quality mill cutters, in the smallest of diameters.

Lubricants, flute build-up as well as long helical and spiral chips - precise machining of non-ferrous materials like copper and aluminium make high performance tools with

sophisticated geometry and sharp cutting edges for a controlled chip formation an absolute must.

For an optimum and equally economic machining of copper, Zecha Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH in Königsbach-Stein has developed a new generation of solid carbide shaft mill cutters: Zecha's quality line now aims to specifically support users that need to introduce fine contours and shapes in non-ferrous metals, such as, for example, those required for mould construction. Zecha application engineer Andreas Weck: "In the design of new micro mill cutters we paid particular attention to the chip-removing machining of copper, aluminium and titanium. Tool geometry, flute sharpness and flutes form a perfect marriage that ensures top HSC machining results!“ Zecha's new ball mill cutters in the 551 series impress in all applications and boast very high tool life. The mill cutters are available in the diameter 0.2 - 6.0 mm and can also be obtained from stock in a short version with free lengths. The torus mill cutters in the 556 series, available in the quality line from 0.2 - 6.0 mm diameters, are well suited for HSC machining of copper. To assure optimum chip control, the cutting edges of the micro mill cutters are carefully sharpened and the chipping spaces polished smooth and ground down to the last μm. This ensures that the removed chips rub only minimally on the tool material and, thus, generate very little process friction. Even the low residual heat is reliably dissipated out of the machining zone, and consequently protects against premature wear. The two-flute mill cutters are manufactured uncoated, but can, if requested, also be furnished with a high quality BCR coating. The micro mill cutters in the quality line offer top performance at all processing stages. This is because they are equally excellent at roughing, pre-finishing and finishing and achieve precise μ level shaping for virtually every application. "No user need shy away from high quality directives: The precision tools provide diameter, shape and concentricity accuracy to fulfil even high-end demands," says Andreas Weck.

“Considering the exact results achieved with the quality line, tool life, process time and the cost factor it is abundantly clear that these tools represent an excellent, value-for money solution for  the processing of non-ferrous metals."

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