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Antiroll for a Small Race Car

Amit Gupta -  Small Race Car

Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT) is a benchmark event organized by ARAI biennially. SIAT serves as an important forum for exchange of ideas and brainstorming for the automotive industry. Over the years, the event has grown in stature and is now considered as a prestigious automotive event in the global automotive fraternity. ARAI had organised 15thedition of Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT 2017) in association with SAE International USA, SAEINDIA and NATRiP at its picturesque campus in Pune

The theme for poster presentation was Safe and Smart mobility. The duo entered the competition with their poster based on Antiroll designed for a small race car. As told by Amit, racecars travel at high cornering speeds and high bodyroll can make them susceptible to roll over and possesses a life threatening danger to the driver. 

  As the suspension system affects the behaviour of vehicle, i.e. vibration characteristics including ride and handling, stability and cornering performance and roll over protection. The objective was to design and develop the antiroll bar mechanism for a small formula vehicle used for SUPRA SAEINDIA, operated by pushrods and rockers. The antiroll bars are designed to reduce the body roll of the vehicle from 2.0°/g to 1.0°/g with the combination of ride springs and antiroll bar. The antiroll bar was designed in an innovative way which used two rotating cantilevers instead of a conventional torsion bar to provide antiroll moment. 

The vehicle model was built with the data in CarSim and was simulated for the body roll with and without antiroll bar. The front antiroll bar was designed with a new design which instead of Torsion bar used cantilevers for antiroll moment. The vehicle testing showed that the vehicles body roll was reduced by 50% with improvement in cornering speeds. The overall roll gradient was reduced from 1.97°/g to 0.98°/g. Also this helped in increase in lateral acceleration due to higher rollover stability and better handling characteristics with slight power induced oversteer to negotiate tight turns in competition. The time taken by the vehicle to complete the skidpad was reduced by 1.44% and autocross lap times by 1.3sec.

 Suraj Jadhav

This was a great opportunity for students to showcase their ability to cater to problem solving techniques and implements their innovative ideas among industry experts. The fact that the efforts we take in applying our classroom knowledge to real world is acknowledged by industry experts goes far way ahead in encouraging us to think innovatively our way around. We are grateful to both SIAT organisers and Volvo for giving us this opportunity. We will be committed to put our efforts for safer and environmentally friendly transportation.  

Amit Gupta

SIAT poster presentation gave us a platform to interact with the industry leaders in Safety and Smart mobility and to present our ideas in order to make the vehicle safer. We are looking forward to visit the Volvo factory in Sweden as it will give us an exposure to latest technology in the world. 

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