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Cycling to Pocket friendly path with Epick Bikes

Epick Bikes

It’s the universal vocalization that until and unless we face the problem ourselves, we wouldn’t know the strength and threats of that particular issue which others might have faced ever. When engineering students who are believed to be the heart of the country, faced an issue of transportation in real life, they invented the new edge of environment sustainable E-Bikes.

There was a generation in our past decade when youngsters would go to the street shops in order to rent a cycle to pitch themselves their journey in the most pocket-friendly way. Conceived by the idea of renting the bicycles and amalgamating the love for the protection of nature as their responsibility, five engineers named – AradhVemula, Rahul Reddy, Anand Bharadwaja, Vamsi Krishna and Sachin Govind, pursued academically in NIT Warangal heeds the market structure and have come up with battery operated bicycles which could be rented for as low as for Rs. 10 per 30 minutes in just a click.

Aradh Vemula, the co-founder of Epick Bikes shares his wisdom, “When we were all working in various MNCs in Delhi, traveling was a hassle even if it was just home to work. We all had our personal vehicles back at home in Hyderabad but we couldn’t use it there. So, we figured an electric bicycle is the best choice for us. And as it turns out there was only one good brand of an electric cycle in the Indian market and that too was quite outdated. It had servicing issues and was quite expensive to purchase too. So, we understood that there is a pain point and built on that.” Once they had their Eureka moment and had enlightened themselves about the movement, they went on to quit their jobs in 2016 and moved back to Hyderabad to work on Epick Bikes and their structure.

The variant of the distinction between the motorbikes and the electric bicycles are meant to be for those kinds of people who are acquainted to cover biking distances and since the electric motor would serve the purpose, the rider could feel the scooty revamp. After the questions and issues, they faced in their personal lives, they were heading towards to hunt for a solution, this led to doing a lot of research work among their peer group and when they had their hands count on in the favorable degree, they were ready with the prototype. However, the costing of owning the electric bicycles could be highly no affordable, they have had their mind set up to keep an affordable rent plan for the same.

Technology is the game of future and so is the innovative minds of the engineers, anyone who downloads the application onto their cellular phones would get the clear view of where these bikes are located and the percentage of the battery they have for the user to pick. Once the user is destined to the circumference of the bikes, one click on the app would send them the OTP to unlock the bikes as soon as it is typed in the passcode to unlock the electronic lock attached to the bike. This would engage more technological approach than manually.

The rental system of the electric bikes is highly affordable as compared to all of the existing technology that is available in the market. The tariff protocol is time-based and could cost the person who rents as low as Rs. 10 per 30 minutes for the bike. The tariff changes in variants and after three hours, it would cost Rs. 60 up to ten hours duration in the stretch. There is also a monthly subscription as long as the market is concerned in the era of student and working professionals which is Rs. 2000 where the user can pick up a bike at any time for however long while the service of the battery would be taken care of at the hub.

Epick bikes have currently the limited number of bikes in minimalization of 15 bikes which would be increased to the growing number of 50 by the end of the next month. The hotspots for the rental hub which would be targeted more towards Hostels, University of Hyderabad and also few metro stations. Their aim is to decrease the pollution and come up with more effective and more eco-friendly technique through their amalgamation of minds.

When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without a thought on anything but the ride you are taking and the twist of eco-friendly and pocket friendly way which is being fulfilled by the emerging minds in Epick bikes.

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