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Designing Racing Cars Put Vishwaracers of VIIT in Spotlight

Vishwakarma Institute Of Information and Technology (VIIT) - Vishwaracers

Considered as one of the most innovative project of the year, the Mechanical engineering students of Vishwakarma Institute Of Information and Technology (VIIT) have conceptualised and fabricated formula-style racing cars that have grabbed the spotlight at the SAE India Supra held at Buddha International Circuit at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh and at Kari Motors Speedway, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

‘Vishwaracers’ as they prefer to call themselves is a team of 40 members who have already tasted success by securing the 15th and 5th rank in 2017 and 2018 respectively.  Formed in 2012, the team of innovative engineers has scaled a few lofty peaks in the past 6 years securing a respectable position among 126 colleges all over India.  This year they will be participating for the 7th time in the competition. 

The culture at ‘Vishwaracers’ is dynamic and changes every year with the addition of new team members along with improved systems in the project. The seniors in the group dutifully handle the working of ‘Vishwaracers’ and guide the juniors undergoing the project. The new entrants to the team are selected on the basis of a three filter rounds that test their knowledge and interests. Every year a new model is designed and made by a new team. The team is segregated into departments, which work efficiently in their allotted tasks. The final year students are the guides and the 3rd year students work as the head of the different sub-systems. The second-year students work under those sub-systems. The making of the model is done solely by the students with the help of books, workshops, seminars and webinars, internet etc. The team gives greater credit to the seniors who help and guide them throughout.

The planning, designing and analysing is done before the actual manufacturing of the model. The efficient car is designed with the most efficient engine that is purchased from outside. Rest every other part of the car is manufactured in the workshop by the team. A model takes four months to take into shape entirely.

Kushal Mandvekar, the team’s captain aims to collect more laurels in the times ahead. He is also a part of the suspension and management team which has in it, its ex-captain Siddhant Sundar, together they all are striving hard to bring out the best of their talents and innovations.

The car has a fuel composition tank along with its powertrain, suspension, steering, brakes, chassis, drivetrain, intake and exhaust, wheel assembly, etc. There is a radio communication system installed for the driver to contact the pit while driving. Also, there is an LCD screen to show lap-count. Slick and wet tyres that are specially designed for racing cars are used.  For driver’s safety, the machine is made fire resistance with firewalls and is designed according to the driver’s comfort. The whole model is manufactured according to the rule book given by the organisers of the competition.

Currently, the car weighs 205 kgs. The main aim of the team now is to reduce the weight of the vehicle and to limit it up to 25 kilograms for smooth functioning. The lighter the car, the faster it runs.  Initially, some parts of the car contained steel metal and hence the weight of the vehicle was heavy. Now when using aluminium, makes it lighter.  Making the vehicle more cost-efficient by using carbon fiber units instead of aluminium is their ultimate aim.

Apart from winning in the SAE India Supra held at Buddha International Circuit at Greater Noida among 126 teams, team ‘Vishwaracers’ was ranked as the 2nd  best cost-effective vehicle and also were runner-up in Autocross event where the car was able to cross almost all hurdles in the race track. In future, the team wishes to participate in various International events such as Formula Students Germany, Formula Student East, Formula Student, Italy. The next in pipeline is to manufacture an Electric Formula Style Vehicle.  It was no longer a dream to build a race car but was the fruit to all the expert minds of the Vishwakarma Institute.

“The vehicle making process was extremely challenging. The main hurdle was to manufacture the car in real than what is designed in the CAD model before the actual manufacturing. Reality is far more difficult. The reality was far more daunting. However, the never-to-die attitude and our love, passion, and dedication about motorsports helped us build the car. The entire process is a great way to enhance our knowledge and technical skills” said the team Vice-Captain, Shrenik Kole.

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