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Project ARDY builds Economical 3D Printers

Chitwan Gautam Arjun Menari

There are times when even not planning can lead to achieving greater heights. Excelling in Mechatronics, a quadrupled engineering team of Manipal University, Jaipur, have come a long way to invent a 3D printer for plastic/polymer products through Additive Manufacturing that can suit the pockets for any prototyping or general requirement.

The 4 proud partners of this cost-cutting 3D printer Project ‘ARDY’, Chitwan Gautam, Arjun Menaria, Ninaad Bhan and Akshat Srivastava have established themselves in the field of additive manufacturing and creating an impact in the minds of the people.

Artistic innovation from scratch

Chitwan Gautam, now a graduate in B.Tech Mechatronics, while searching for his final year semester project landed upon an article that read about the 3D printing and its latest advancements. This hit his mind with an idea of modelling a 3D printer. He says, “A 3D printer has innumerable amazing possibilities in India. People here do not have adequate knowledge and information about what a 3D printer is and what it does. We have also opted for additive manufacturing as it is the need of the hour. Earlier, there was no automation possible which made the humans work for a longer duration tirelessly. But the industry is now revolutionizing. The craftsmanship is coming back to normal life.”

After completing their graduation, the members of the project are now settled in different places. But Arjun Menariya and Chitwan Gautam, are still working to realize their dream of building more economical 3D printers.

Not just a Guide, but an Inspiration

His painstaking efforts, unending support and also to meet the monetary requirements to create a working model of ARDY 3D Printer, emerged a man who used to cut down his funds to pay from his own pocket for the project the students were developing. Dr. Ram Dayal, a man with a golden heart, the then HOD of Mechatronics department, had put in a lot of efforts to help the students build their own 3D printer. Therefore, to show their gratitude for him, the students named the project under his name, ARDY.

Chitwan adds, “Ramdayal sir has been a backbone throughout our project. Anything we had queries about or we wanted was solved by him within no time. He had always supported us in every manner. We owe this to him.”

For achieving success in anything you do, determination plays an utmost important role. It is key to your achievement.Dr. Ram Dayal, Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Department, MNIT, Jaipur.

Completely satisfied by the performance of the students in building a 3D printer, Dr. Dayal says,”The students were enthusiastic and hardworking realize the project they had been thinking of within a given time. It was fun working with them.” He adds, “3D printer is an innovation that lets you implement whatever you imagine".

Road to Future

Being uncertain about starting their company, Chitwan says,” We are not sure whether we will be coming together to start a company or not. Our main focus is on developing more economical 3D printers. We have also developed a printer for a company.”

The whole idea to make a plastic/polymer 3D Printer was to provide an economical solution to every idea that has ever bloomed up in the minds of the people. These students stand as a role model to every other person who has ever imagined contributing to the manufacturing sectors but either lack determination or motivation.

The Young Makers and innovators, Chitwan Gautam and Arjun Menaria are currently working in the Techinest Company, Jaipur and making their 3D printers for different companies. Get connected to these young builders of future India, you can email Chitwan Gautam at

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