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Imtex 2019

HARDCASTLE PETROFER to present a great range of lubricants at IMTEX 2019


Hardcastle Petrofer, a combined venture of Indian and German companies have come together to complement each other’s expertise and serve the Indian Industry with their combined strength. They promise on their expertise, quality, and dedication. They are recognized as a competent solution provider to the customer in need of special products to suit their exacting needs.

HARDCASTLE PETROFER offers an extensive range of products such as Heat Treatment Oils, Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids, Metal Cutting Coolants, Metal Forming, and Wire Drawing Lubricants, Industrial Cleaners, Rust Preventives, Die-Casting Lubricants, Hot Forging Lubricants, Rolling & Coating Oils, Industrial Lubricants.

Whats at IMTEX 2019?

Hardcastle Petrofer in IMTEX 2019 is contented to showcase their exclusive range of lubricating products. From  Heat Treatment Oils, there is Highquench series which includes series of cold quenching oils, hot quenching oils, series of polymer quenchants, vacuum quenching oils and others. The metal cutting coolants are metalworking, water-dilutable products, and metalworking, neat cutting oils. There is a series of Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids – HISAFE Series for mining, die casting etc. The industrial cleaners product range includes HICLEAN series which offers a broad range of industrial cleaners for cleaning of component surfaces.  Metal Forming and Wire Drawing Lubricants include product range of wire drawing, cold forming, sheet forming. HIRUSTAVERT Series of rust preventives lubricants offers a wide & highly effective range of Rust Preventives ranging from Oil, Solvent & Water base for inter-operational protection & final packing suitable for all metals. HILUBRIC series of forging lubricants. A wide range of products for cold rolling of steel sheets of various thickness & width in reversing and tandem mills and die-face lubricants, plunger lubricants, heat transfer fluids and more. The company has been an active participant in the IMTEX since last 4 years. Their focus is on attracting OEM’s for business expansion. With a firm Belief in development and quality, Hardcastle Petrofer has been continuing in their paths to success. Don't forget to pay a visit to the experts of Lubricants and gather ample knowledge at Imtex in Hall no. 3C, Stall no. C104.