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Imtex 2019

Proteck Machinery exhibits its innovative technologies at IMTEX 2019


Being an engineering company for the last 25 years, Proteck Machinery has been able to cater to the needs of many manufacturing companies with their innovative products. Earlier the company used to manufacture allied machines for the Printing Industry and later on diversified into Software Development and thereafter Machine tool manufacturing. As far as Machine Tool Manufacturing is concerned the company produced CNC Turning machines and over 250 machines have been supplied all over India.

Products Exhibited and the star product

In IMTEX, Proteck has showcased two of its innovative machines. These machines include Reishauer Gear Grinding machine model RZ 310 and Induction Heating equipment from Denki Kogyo, Japan. The Induction hardening machines are used for hardening components such as gears, shafts etc.  The essence of Induction hardening is to control, precisely, the depth of hardening.  Hence the designing of the heating coil and control of the Induction pulse becomes very critical.  In Denki Kogyo, they have mastered the technology of developing high-performance Induction heating coils whereby the hardening depth can be controlled very precisely. 

Moreover, these machines are very compact when compared to similar machines of other manufacturers.

Denki Kogyo is a new entrant in the Indian market and Proteck is confident of exploiting the potential of the growing market in India.

The star attraction for the visitors in IMTEX of Proteck Machinery was Reishauer gear grinder. This needs no introduction as Reishauer is very well known in the Indian market especially for the gear manufacturers.  These gear grinding machines have special software to control the rubbing of the flanks, create a crown and reduce the gear noise.  This machine is very flexible, user-friendly and very productive.

Proteck sells about 4 to 5 machines every year with a turnover of 40 crores.

Association in IMTEX and expansion plans

The company has been an active participant in India’s biggest machine tool exhibition, IMTEX since 2000. This was their 19th year in Imtex.

When asked about the expansion plans of the company, Mr. K.R Krishna Prasad, Vice President- Operations, Proteck Machinery, said, “We have a handful of products representing manufacturers from Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc. and hence have no future plans for the expansion.”

He also adds, “The response from the visitors has been excellent and it makes us strive harder to move towards our goal of achieving more.” 

Proteck Machinery Pvt. Ltd. has a team of highly experienced people who have been in the machine tool business for more than 15 years.  They have Head office in Chennai and 5 branch offices.  Each office has a team of sales and service people to cater to the customers in the specific region. Their service engineers are all trained in machines handled by them.  They are deputed to respective machine manufacturer works to be up to date.  They are competent to handle, electronics, electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical.