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Imtex 2019

Sigma Toolings attracts the visitors with its Samurai Tools at IMTEX 2019


Being a proud exhibitor for the 5th time in IMTEX 2019, Sigma Toolings happily showcases its new range of antivibration products and a series of Boring bars and Digital Boring bars heads.

It is an almost 1.8 decade old manufacturer in comprehensive high-end tooling solutions, with an excellent manufacturing plant in Maharashtra and sales and distribution offices in Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jamshedpur,  Aurangabad, with a blue-chip list of over 600 customers, including Indian and multinational giants, ISO certification and mission-critical government compliances.

Their solutions are working successfully, in diverse engineering segments of Automobile, Heavy engineering, Engine, Valve, Oil and Gas, Turbo Chargers, Power Generation, Earth moving equipment, etc.

Star Attraction in IMTEX

The star attraction at IMTEX includes Samurai tools or antivibration products. Long boring gives tooling vibrations. This would eventually lead in the wearing out of the tools. Hence, Sigma has come up with a solution which will absorb the vibrations during cutting.

Sigma Samurai tools have a piston and cylinder mechanism with the cylinder filled with a special fluid. The piston acts as a damper, which dampens the vibration generated while machining the component and the special fluid absorbs the vibration, thus providing steady machining, great rigidity and high stability at the complex and extreme conditions.

By using Samurai tools one can increase the cutting parameters & at the same time get more secure & vibration free process with close tolerances, good surface & much higher material removal rate, which results into lower cost per component.

Future plans for expansion

Already being established in Russia, Sigma Toolings gears to set up new productions lines for standard products. They also focus on building two international offices within the next 6 months in Frankfurt and Moscow.

How has IMTEX changed in these years?

Being an active participant since the last 5 years, the company is undoubtedly happy about the professional growth of IMTEX. There have been many improvements witnessed since the Sigma Toolings have set their foot in IMTEX.

Sigma Toolings through IMTEX focuses to build a good network in the International markets as well and receiving an outstanding response from the customers have given the company a spark to strive for more.