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Imtex 2019

Solitaire Machine Tools to make way in the market exhibiting centreless grinders in IMTEX 2019


Expertise in the field of grinding industry, Solitaire Machine tools is geared up to conquer the market. Solitaire Machine Tools Limited is a leading manufacturer of Precision Centerless Grinders, incorporated in the year 1987. Solitaire has been working as an exclusive Licensee of CINCINNATI MILACRON, USA to manufacture Precision Centerless Grinders in two primary sizes with wheel widths of 200 mm (8″) and 250 mm (10″). They also offer centerless grinders with wheel widths of 100 mm (4″) and 50the 0 mm (20″). Solitaire has entered into a Licensing arrangement with BOCCA & MALANDRONE SUNEBO S.p.A, Italy, and developed Bocca line of CNC Centerless Grinders with wheel widths from 200 mm to 500 mm.

Established 32 years back, the company earlier used to deal only with the customers of the US. But from the last 25 years, they have changed to cater to the needs of the domestic public as well. It offers a wide range of products like precision centreless grinders or SMT-BMS Fixed Center CNC.

Products showcased at IMTEX and star product

The product exhibited in IMTEX includes a 5-axis centreless grinder required for a particular component.  The centreless grinders have become a premium segment for the market. The speciality of the product is accuracy and rigidity. The accuracy is of fractions of microns.

Plans for expansion

Due to the growing demand, the company plans on expanding its working plants. There total 2 plants for the manufacturing but now they have decided on setting up the 3rd plant in Vadodara.

Entering IMTEX in the year 1990, the company has been a witness to different changes in the exhibition, be it the stall management or others. The exhibition has been changing every year in a good sense and is also attracting the interests of people from different backgrounds. The visitors have also gained more knowledge about the subject and know what IMTEX is all about.

Solitaire Machine Tools Ltd. is aimed at providing a highly productive, user-friendly and cost-effective solution to centerless grinding and offers world-class innovation and service.