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Digital Control Valves the Globalising Indian Technology

Digital Control Valves

When you think out of the box, you create something unique and a unique invention makes a great difference. Pune based, Samiep Technology Innovations created digitalized controlled valves that made room for the widespread of Indian technology in the global market.

Using the concept of startup to his benefit Mr. Satish Pathak geared up for an all new project with a view to endorse a made in India product. Albeit, with the growing digitalisation today, it isn’t difficult to explore the varied range of technology, however what’s difficult is to find the rare and explore the hidden. It might be difficult but it’s not impossible and proving this thought right is Mr. Satish Pathak the founder Samiep Technology Innovations Pvt. Ltd; who set out on an incredible journey of manufacturing digitalized controlled valves.

He came across a re-establishment project, which consisted of devising a holistic automation solution for a plant that was failing miserably. The existing system was using two separate valves for chemicals for coarse and fine flow-rates. Overall, there were about 500 on-off valves, all of which had flaws. The situation coerced to replace all these 500 valves, which was an exorbitant expense. Satish resolved all problems in this project with the aid of only two technicians. They invented a valve, which halved the number of valves essential for the project. This culminated in the development of Samiep Technology and Innovations.

Digitalized controlled valves functionality is configurable and can be used for various liquid dispensations. The unique selling points of the product are its dual flow rate concept, flexible target quantity dispensing over wide bandwidth, no cavities in the valve body, clean, sterilised and the provision to switch to another liquid media, no cavity the valve body and many more. This valve eradicates the need of expensive analog control and additional accessories. With a much wider bandwidth of quantity dispensing this product allows you to set any odd target quantity independently. The material of construction is SS 316 and Teflon that suits most of liquid media with no cavity in its design that enables the liquid to be drained easily. These virtues make this product unique as one valve is able to substitute the utility of multiple valves. The usage of the digitalized controlled valves can be implied in various sectors such as pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy, oil and petroleum, textile, bio-technology, adhesive, pesticide and agriculture-irrigation. It can be defined as a product that is less-complex, cost-effective, soothing to use, pain-remover, providing multiple benefits to the users, and requiring lesser efforts to sell.

Having completed management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Mr. Satish Pathak was ready for a bright expedition full of challenges, surprises, innovation and passion. He founded Samiep Innovation Technology in June 2008 with a clear vision and steady mind that equipped him to think ahead of time. Samiep is a Sankrit word that means closest approach which related to Satish’s idea of creating valves that are of high level precision and accuracy which gave him a name for his new venture. His farfetched knowledge, years of experience and immense dedication led him on to the path of acting upon his passionate thoughts. Satish is focused on achieving his dreams no matter how difficult it seems, he is a go-getter who goes all out to attain success.

In 2016, Mr. Pathak was honored as the first Indian to win the coveted International Society of Automation (ISA) award. The ISA, founded in 1945, is a not-for-profit organization that sets global automation standards. The ISA award is the most distinguished accolade for an automation veteran. In Mumbai, ISA felicitated Mr. Pathak with the District 14 Asia Pacific award. Another feather in his cap is the Gold medal in the Serbian Exhibition of Inventions in the face of competition of inventions from 118 nations. His Gold medal is embossed with a mug shot of Nicola Tesla, the great Serbian inventor.

Today, Satish is all set to explore the international market with a view to revolutionalise the industrial field. He wants to launch a disruptive technology that will have a long-term impact on industries and not a low-potential technology or a product in general. The team wants to penetrate deeper into the international market that will calibrate the technology of India. He wants to take his innovation to the next level and let his work do the talking. He is an inspiration for our budding entrepreneurs as he too was once a young and dynamic man who set foot into the world to chase his dreams with a unique field of vision and an ardent personality. He did not fear failures; he was ready to face challenges, he wasn’t afraid to try, he dreamed big, he made a plan, and he broadened his horizons which kept his mind roving in the direction of success. Satish Pathak has and will keep inspiring us with his awe-struck innovations in the field of technology.

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