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Hydrostatic Pressure Level Transmitters

Hydrostatic Pressure Level Transmitter,Pune Techtrol

India is on a roll this year; the government has been putting its best foot forward for making sure that a pentagon of industrial projects is instated by the end of this year. With the support of the Indian government, Pune Techtrol also has a humongous range of tools and measuring equipment as contributions.  

In the light of recent events, Pune Techtrol is coming with a quite innovative and high-end functioning Level Transmitters with a series of ranges depending on various required depths. One such product released is named Hydrostatic Pressure Level Transmitter. Here are some details about the product:


Measures the pressure of the liquid at the bottom of the tank

Measured values refer to the atmospheric pressure is 136091.9278 atm


IP 68 protected unit

Can be submerged underwater (even at the bottom)

Can be used in all kinds of water treatment industries

Measures the levels of open to atmosphere tanks as well

Measures the level of underground and borewell tanks

Distinct Features

Small in size (33mm diameter)


Gauges from the bottom

Measures up to 100m in depth

Competitive price


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